Candelaria Nature Preserve

Albuquerque, NM A section of the 7 acres seeded in June 2021 with a mix of crops grown as wildlife forage In a collaborative venture with Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District and the City of Albuquerque, we are working to convert historic agricultural fields in Candelaria Nature Preserve to wildlife habitat using existing agricultural … Continue reading Candelaria Nature Preserve

San Antonio Creek BDA repairs

June 2021 The 2021 YCC crew’s season kicked off to a great start with Beaver Dam Analog (BDA) repair on San Antonio Creek in the Jemez Mountains! BDAs replicate the natural functions of beaver dams by raising the water table, slowing erosion, storing water, and promoting riparian vegetation growth. One of 29 BDAs spruced up … Continue reading San Antonio Creek BDA repairs