Restoration Program

Rio San Antonio

2020-2021 restoration project along the Rio San Antonio in the Carson National Forest.

Santa Fe River

2021 planting of willow and cottonwood along the Santa Fe River.

Canadian River – Alamita Canyon

2021 continuation of work along the Canadian river, planting coyote willow, Gooddings willow and narrowleaf cottonwood, and constructing fencing to protect the plantings from cattle browse.

Bosque del Apache

2021 removal of salt cedar and Russian olive from 362 acres of the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.

Redondo Meadow

2020 – 2021 project within Redondo Meadow in the Valles Caldera National Preserve.

Coyote Springs

2020 removal of Russian elm, Russian olive and salt cedar, followed by revegetation planting in 2021 on Kirtland Air Force Base.

San Antonio Creek

2020 expansion on previous restoration efforts along San Antonio Creek, including construction of in-stream structures and exclosure fencing, as well as erosion control work.

Edward Sargent Wildlife Management Area

2020 installation of Beaver Dam Analogs and Post-Assisted Log Structures along the Rio Chamita.

State Land Bosque Restoration

2020 Rio Grande Return restoration crew clearing the non-native trees from the State Lands adjacent to the Valle de Oro NWR.

Huey Wildlife Management Area

2020 Rio Grande Return restoration crew working at the Huey WMA in the cold planting 17,500 coyote willows, 125 cottonwoods and 30 Gooddings willow.

Canadian River Mills Canyon Restoration Project Phase I

2019 Cottonwood and willow revegetation collaboration with New Mexico Department of Game & Fish and US Forest Service in the Kiowa National Grassland.

Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge Cooperative Agreement I

2020 Planting cottonwood poles with 60 volunteers from the Albuquerque Wildlife Federation.

Valle de Oro NWR River Stewards Restoration Phase I

2017 Planting of 1000 cottonwoods & Gooddings willow, 15,000 coyote willow, 400 native forage plants & 12,000 saltgrass plugs at the Valle de Oro NWR.

Diablo Canyon Spring Restoration

2014 Removing non-native trees and creating a large cross vane in the Canada Ancha Arroyo in Diablo Canyon

Buckman River Stewards Phase II

2014 The non-native trees have been removed and the trails along the Rio Grande are now more accessible.

Buckman River Ecosystem Restoration Initiative Phase I

2013 Buckman Restoration I. These volunteers helped clean up over 4 tons of garbage.

Hamaasta Watershed Restoration

2010 A collaborative project with Keystone Restoration Ecology to help restore a degraded arroyo at Hamaatsa – Larry Littlebird’s Wild Land Sanctuary.

Zia Pueblo Spring Restoration

Zia Pueblo Spring Restoration

2009 Collaboration between Zia Pueblo, Rio Grande Return and Keystone Restoration Ecology to restore two sacred springs in the Ojito Wilderness.