Established in 2008, Rio Grande Return is a non-profit 501(c)3 and LLC joint venture. Rio Grande Return is developing  its own brand name local products from which all profits will be used to help fund our various conservation projects.  We now have Rio Grande Return “Roasted Green Chile”, “Fire Roasted Red Salsa” and  “Fire Roasted Green Chile Salsa”.  These local products are now available in a gift package from our on-line gift store and in select stores around New Mexico.

All the profits from the sale of these products, along with tax deductible conservation donations, will go directly to the non-profit arm of the organization to support its mission of protecting and restoring the Rio Grande. The Rio Grande Return board of directors meets annually to ensure that all available funds are directed to projects that best fulfill its mission.

Detailed information about the conservation projects that Rio Grande Return has been involved in can be found here.


To provide support, funding, and on-the-ground implementation of conservation projects and initiatives along the  Rio Grande and its many tributaries.  We define conservation in a broad sense that includes:

  • The protection of undeveloped land and water through acquisition, policy, and conservation easement.
  • The enhancement and restoration of riparian and aquatic habitats that sustain native plants and wildlife.
  • The rehabilitation of the hydrologic, hydraulic and geomorphic processes that shape the river corridor and support its functioning ecosystem.
  • The improvement of our watersheds and water quality.
  • Increased public access to the Rio Grande, it’s tributaries, and their unique ecosystems.
  • The promotion and protection of traditional agricultural lands, farming practices, and native seed.
  • To help educate our citizens about the importance of protecting our rivers, our agricultural lands, and the ecosystems and cultures that have developed in relation to the Rio Grande and our other historic rivers.

For more information, please contact us at:
Rio Grande Return
1704B Llano St. #347
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505