Rio Grande Return is an organization devoted to the health of the Rio Grande, it’s many tributaries, and the unique habitats and diverse wildlife it supports. Rio Grande Return also recognizes and supports the foodshed and the local communities that our rivers have  sustained for thousands of years. Rio Grande Return actively works to restore the diverse wetlands upon which thousands of species of birds, mammals, amphibians and fish depend without losing site of the importance of the public, private and tribal lands that provide ecological services that benefit wildlife and our local communities as well. Rio Grande Return is dedicated to Avanyu, the spirit of water and abundance. Through the recognition  of the life-source of our rivers like the Rio Grande, we develop the  appreciation of how these sacred waters support the associated wildlife and human communities alike.  The mission of Rio Grande Return is to  support and actively work to protect and restore the wetlands and traditional agricultural lands within the historic floodplain of the Rio Grande and it’s tributaries, and to  the shared vision of a living river that sustains and unites all its inhabitants – wildlife and humans alike.

If you are interested in the conservation of the Rio Grande, as well as its wildlife and agricultural lands, you may donate directly to Rio Grande Return by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION HERE. Volunteer opportunities may arise from time to time so check back often for more information on how to get involved.

Rio Grande Return is in the process of developing  its own brand name local products from which all profits will be used to help fund our various conservation projects.  We have already developed two premium salsas:  a “Fire Roasted Red Salsa” and a “Fire Roasted Green Chile Salsa”. In addition, Rio Grande Return “Roasted Green Chile” is now available on line in our GIFT STORE and in select stores around New Mexico.

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*Restoration Program Overview

Since 2006 Rio Grande Return has played a leading role in the protection, restoration and enhancement of thousands of acres of wetlands, springs, creeks, associated wetlands and agricultural lands on tribal, public and private lands in New Mexico.  Below is a list of the restoration projects and initiatives that Rio Grande Return has either directed … Continue reading *Restoration Program Overview

#MeToo and Wildlife Protection presented to The Wildlife Society, Cleveland 2018

Abstract The importance of the #MeToo movement can be seen in a larger context in terms of its value to environmental and wildlife protection. This is not merely a social movement and reorganization of gender roles, #MeToo has far ranging implications as we begin to claim the inherent importance of relationality. For too long we have … Continue reading #MeToo and Wildlife Protection presented to The Wildlife Society, Cleveland 2018

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