Rio Grande Return is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to protecting New Mexico’s rivers, streams, springs, seeps, and the unique habitats and diverse wildlife they support.


Our mission is based upon the recognition that our rivers and springs are not only necessary, but that they are sacred – the life-source upon which all human and biotic communities depend. This sensibility is recognized by the Puebloan people whose stewardship of these waters, in all their various cycles and meandering forms, is cultivated as a relationship with Avanyu, the Puebloan life-giving spirit of water. Rio Grande Return joins in this spirit of stewardship. We are committed to better understanding, and to actively working to protect and restore, our watersheds, waters, and the native plants and wildlife that have evolved over millions of years in relationship to the sacred waters of the arid Southwest.

As as non-profit, we rely on financial support from the community in order to continue this important work. Please join us in our commitment to protect and restore our streams and wetlands by making a  TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION. Volunteer opportunities to help on restoration projects arise from time to time so click here to get on the mailing list and get involved.

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Harvey Jones Bioswale in the News

Thanks to the Albuquerque Journal and to the Santa Fe Reporter for sharing lovely articles on our recent planting project along the Harvey Jones Channel in Corrales. Thanks also to PBS for the video below showing what implementation looks like (and showing neat aerial footage of the site!). Finally, thanks to Sarah Hurteau and The … Continue reading Harvey Jones Bioswale in the News

State Land Office Monitoring

Santa Fe County, NM and Socorro County, NM In Fall 2021, we conducted Year 2 monitoring on two State Land Office parcels as part of an effort to better understand the impacts of land management practices and treatments in piñon-juniper systems, and to inform land management decisions in the future.   Piñon-juniper systems have historically been … Continue reading State Land Office Monitoring

Harvey Jones Channel

Corrales, NM The Harvey Jones Bioswale is a green stormwater infrastructure project implemented as a collaboration between TNC (The Nature Conservancy), SSCAFCA (Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority), AMAFCA (Albuquerque Metro Arroyo Flood Control Authority ), MRGCD (Middle Rio Grande Conservation District), the Village of Corrales, the City of Rio Rancho, AMREP, the Ancestral … Continue reading Harvey Jones Channel

Santa Fe County Erosion Control

Santa Fe County, NM This erosion control project is part of a larger restoration effort on private property in Santa Fe County. For this implementation, we worked closely alongside Jan-Willem Jansens of Ecotone, who designed the treatment (original design at right), as well as Paul Butt, Conservation Chair for the ECIA. Project goals include protecting … Continue reading Santa Fe County Erosion Control

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