Rio Grande Return is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was started in 2007 to help protect New Mexico’s rivers, streams, springs, seeps, and the unique habitats and diverse wildlife they support. Our mission is based upon the recognition that our rivers and springs are not only necessary, but that they are sacred – the life-source upon which all human and biotic communities depend. This sensibility is recognized by the Puebloan people whose stewardship of these waters, in all their various cycles and meandering forms, is cultivated as a relationship with Avanyu, the Puebloan life-giving spirit of water. Rio Grande Return joins in this spirit of stewardship. We are committed to better understanding, and to actively working to protect and restore, our watersheds, waters, and the native plants and wildlife that have evolved over millions of years in relationship to the sacred waters of the arid Southwest.

Rio Grande Return, being a not-for-profit organization, needs financial support from the community in order to continue this important work. Please join us in our commitment to protect and restore our streams and wetlands by making a  TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION HERE. Volunteer opportunities to help on restoration projects arise from time to time so click here to get on the mailing list and get involved.

Another way to support Rio Grande Return is through our on line GIFT STORE. Gift packages of our own delicious brand of Fire Roasted Red Salsa and Roasted Green Chile are available online and can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. These gift packages include a tax deductible conservation donation to Rio Grande Return that is given along with the gift.

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San Antonio Creek BDA repairs

The 2021 YCC crew’s season kicked off to a great start with Beaver Dam Analog (BDA) repair on San Antonio Creek in the Jemez Mountains! BDAs replicate the natural functions of beaver dams by raising the water table, slowing erosion, storing water, and promoting riparian vegetation growth. The project also included a meadow restoration component. … Continue reading San Antonio Creek BDA repairs

Hiring: Youth Conservation Corps crew members!

We’re hiring now for 2021 Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) crew members! The Rio Grande Return Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) is a summer/fall employment program that engages young people in meaningful work experiences while developing an ethic of environmental stewardship and civic responsibility. Crew members will gain skills relevant to careers in forestry, natural resource and … Continue reading Hiring: Youth Conservation Corps crew members!

Santa Fe River

Santa Fe, NM 2021 planting of 800 willow stems and 100 cottonwood poles along the Santa Fe River and the River Trail between Frenchy’s Field and Siler Road in Santa Fe. Project goals include increasing bank stability, decreasing sediment mobilization downstream, and providing improved habitat through revegetation and stream shading. Work was funded by the … Continue reading Santa Fe River

Canadian River – Alamita Canyon

Canadian River Canyon, NM 2021 planting of willow, cottonwood and Gooddings willow within the Canadian River Canyon. This project follows years of other restoration efforts including the removal of tamarisk and Siberian elm using a massive aerial herbicide application and the subsequent mastication of the dead trees. Rio Grande Return has been involved in restoration … Continue reading Canadian River – Alamita Canyon

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