Rio Grande Return is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was started in 2007 to help protect New Mexico’s rivers, streams, springs, seeps, and the unique habitats and diverse wildlife they support. Our mission is based upon the recognition that our rivers and springs are not only necessary, but that they are sacred – the life-source upon which all human and biotic communities depend. This sensibility is recognized by the Puebloan people whose stewardship of these waters, in all their various cycles and meandering forms, is cultivated as a relationship with Avanyu, the Puebloan life-giving spirit of water. Rio Grande Return joins in this spirit of stewardship. We are committed to better understanding, and to actively working to protect and restore, our watersheds, waters, and the native plants and wildlife that have evolved over millions of years in relationship to the sacred waters of the arid Southwest.

Rio Grande Return, being a not-for-profit organization, needs financial support from the community in order to continue this important work. Please join us in our commitment to protect and restore our streams and wetlands by making a  TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION. Volunteer opportunities to help on restoration projects arise from time to time so click here to get on the mailing list and get involved.


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Rancho Del Oso Pardo – Upper Nabor Creek

Chama, NM In November 2021, we built 8 postless BDAs as a demonstration project at Rancho Del Oso Pardo, a private ranch near Chama, NM. Structures were built using small diameter trees felled from nearby, overstocked slopes, as well as rocks and sediments adjacent to, and within the stream channel. BDA locations were chosen to … Continue reading Rancho Del Oso Pardo – Upper Nabor Creek

Valles Caldera Boundary Fence Repair

Valles Caldera National Preserve, NM Rebuilding the boundary fence on the north side of the Valles Caldera National Preserve (VCNP) has been a multi-year effort. In 2021, we completely rebuilt about 1.25 miles of fenceline, and cleared and repaired an additional 3 miles of fence that had been rebuilt over 2019 and 2020. Large sections … Continue reading Valles Caldera Boundary Fence Repair

‘Goats Initiate Phase 1’ at Candelaria Nature Preserve

Thanks to Source NM for sharing our most recent work at Candelaria Nature Preserve. You can find the article here! As part of the effort to convert historic hay fields into a patchwork of wildlife habitats at Candelaria Nature Preserve, we recently added a herd of 120+ goats to our team of collaborators. Since May … Continue reading ‘Goats Initiate Phase 1’ at Candelaria Nature Preserve

Casa San Ysidro Heritage Field

Corrales, NM, 2021 – present The Heritage Field is an extension of Casa San Ysidro, an 18th-19th century Spanish Colonial home, which is managed by the Albuquerque Museum as a research center and public museum in Corrales, NM. The 2.38 acre field is protected from development through a conservation easement, and is dedicated to preserving … Continue reading Casa San Ysidro Heritage Field

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