Canadian River – Alamita Canyon

Canadian River Canyon, NM This 2021 planting of willow, cottonwood and Gooddings willow within the Canadian River Canyon follows years of previous restoration efforts along the river. Rio Grande Return has been involved in restoration along the Canadian River beginning with a 2019 planting project within Mills Canyon, and another round of planting in 2020. … Continue reading Canadian River – Alamita Canyon

Coyote Springs

Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM 2020 - 2021 project encompassing the removal of non-native vegetation and revegetation with native cottonwood and willows surrounding Coyote Springs and along the adjacent Arroyo del Coyote. Work was funded by Oklahoma State University and supported by Kirtland Air Force Base. Phase 1: Removal of non-native trees, 2020 Russian … Continue reading Coyote Springs

Bosque del Apache

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, San Antonio, NM 2021 removal of salt cedar and Russian olive from 362 acres of palustrine emergent wetland, floodplain forest, and floodplain savannah, including screwbean mesquite wet meadow. Restoring this habitat will provide important forage and habitat for the waterbirds, shorebirds and raptors of the Bosque del Apache. Salt cedar and Russian olive trees and … Continue reading Bosque del Apache

Redondo Meadow

Valles Caldera National Preserve, NM Goals of this project include improving alluvial fan function and wet meadow/wetland health, mitigating fire impacts, stabilizing the degrading channel, improving water quality, and re-establishing and protecting riparian vegetation. Funding for this work was provided by The Nature Conservancy and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, and was … Continue reading Redondo Meadow

Rio San Antonio

Carson National Forest, NM One of 10 BDAs installed in June 2020 This project on the Rio San Antonio spans approximately 3 miles and employs a diversity of restoration techniques aimed at improving water quality, specifically reducing stream temperatures and E. coli loading. Work was completed with funding from the NM Environment Department and support … Continue reading Rio San Antonio

Rio Grande Bosque Restoration

Bernalillo County, NM Spring 2020 This extraction of non-native trees is a continuation of previous years of restoration efforts along the west side of the Rio Grande in Albuquerque aimed at removing non-native species, restoring native vegetation, and increasing ecosystem resilience to fire disturbance, flood, disease, and other climate change related impacts. Using an excavator, … Continue reading Rio Grande Bosque Restoration

Canadian River: Mills Canyon

Phase 1, 2019 One of our biggest planting areas from 2019 below the iconic Shiprock formation. The cottonwood and willow are exploding with vigor, thanks in part to a beaver dam just downstream of this site. Photo taken 8/23/21. This massive revegetation project was completed in partnership with NM Department of Game and Fish and … Continue reading Canadian River: Mills Canyon