Owl Cam

Four years ago this seed of a project was planted. Today, it has come to fruition. THE GOAL: to assist the Santa Fe Country Club with a more natural and financially feasible way to manage the gopher infestation and subsequent damage. THE PROCESS: Introduce barn owls to the area via a special enclosure pen or “hack site” in hopes they acclimate and stick around once released. THE RESULT: as of 11 July, 2018, the young owls have fledged and the hope is they will begin hunting on their own, inside the hack site for the time being. When ready, the hack site will be opened. If we did our job, then the owls should feel established at their new home and want to stay.

Please enjoy our gallery of videos of the owls as the grow.

15 July, 2018. We are so close to taking off!

15, July, 2018. Trying to go to bed but just having a hard time. Goodnight moon.

11 July, 2018. Dawn is breaking. It’s time to go to sleep.

11 July, 2018. Warming up the wings, looking to fly soon.

11 July, 2018. The barn owls have fledged! Here, the older owl is enjoying a prime roast of gopher. All he needs is a good Chianti.