Coyote Springs

Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM

2020 – 2021 project encompassing the removal of non-native vegetation and revegetation with native cottonwood and willows surrounding Coyote Springs and along the adjacent Arroyo del Coyote. Work was funded by Oklahoma State University and supported by Kirtland Air Force Base.

Phase 1: Removal of non-native trees, 2020

Russian elm, salt cedar and Russian olive trees were removed using an excavator and chainsaws. Pictured is a massive pile of elm, waiting to be cut into movable pieces and then run through a chipper.

This large elm was removed from the streambed and chipped, leaving the stand of cottonwoods in place. The cut elm stump was covered in plastic to solarize the wood and prevent resprouting.

Phase 2: Wetland revegetation, 2021

Planting 800 Coyote willow, 20 Gooddings willow and 80 cottonwood poles along the stream and surrounding the upland spring; this vegetation will provide habitat, stream shade and bank stabilization along the Arroyo del Coyote.

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