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Cranes on the Rio Grande
For thousands of years Sandhill cranes have migrated up and down the Rio Grande. Like so many other species, these Sandhill Cranes depend on the Rio Grande for their survival.
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Rio Grande Return Board of Directors

Mission of the Rio Grande Return
To provide support and funding to organizations in the Rio Grande watershed for the restoration and protection of the Rio Grande. Restoration and protection are defined as activities that promote sustainable and healthy relationships between the Rio Grande and its human communities by:
  1. improving water quality,
  2. establishing a diversity of riparian and aquatic habitats to sustain the native plants and animals,
  3. rehabilitating the physical structure, and hydrologic, hydraulic and geomorphic processes that shape a stream corridor and support a functioning river ecosystem, and
  4. enhancing public access to and appreciation of the Rio Grande and its ecosystem.
To support and fund organizations that promote and protect traditional agricultural lands, farming practices, native seeds, and products in the Rio Grande watershed.

To promote new ways of educating people about the importance of protecting our agricultural lands, our rivers, and the cultures that have historically developed in relation to the Rio Grande and its waters.
Established in 2008, the Rio Grande Return is a joint venture. The web store is an LLC designed to support local farmers and producers and to raise money in the form of conservation donations that are included in each gift package.

These donations, and any matching donations, are deposited into an account for the Rio Grande Return 501(c)3, a non-profit corporation. The board of directors meets periodically though out the year to identify and grant these funds to organizations and individuals who are working on projects that best compliment the Rio Grande Returnís mission.

Detailed information about the organizations and projects funded by the Rio Grande Return can be found here.

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